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PIXELARTOR is animation tool to create 2D frame images from 3D scenes/models with or without animations. Generated animation frames can be exported into gif image or ZIP file with sprites.
PIXELATOR support only glTF & FBX files at the moment, but more formats will be added soon.
This Tool is heavily inspired Dead Cell pipeline article on Gamasutra website and with my passion at scripting and pixelart.

UPDATE v.0.2.4:

  • fixed Sprites rendering
  • fixed outlines rendering
  • fixed export
  • minor bugfixes


Please report any issues or bugs with PIXELARTOR here: https://github.com/Chleba/PIXELARTOR/issues

See main GitHub page for more information about usage, features and other updates.

This tool is open source under MIT licence. You can checkout and build this aplication for your system, just follow the instructions at GitHub page.


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PIXELARTOR-0.2.4.dmg 70 MB
win-unpacked.zip 68 MB


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Hello ^^.
I'm glad to get news from you. Thank you for the update and the youtube channel. Unfortunately the update is not reconnized by the Itch.io client (it still only show the 0.2.1 version when you try to update. Also I went ahead and downloaded the .zip directly and also noticed after I unziped it that there were no .exe file (maybe that is the reason why the itch.io client did not catch it). I will try the link from github and let you know.

Update is up just for MacOS & Linux, not for windows just yet. I'll get myself some windows 10 machine and upload new version. Hold on just a little longer.

Oh okay, thank you I did not noticed that. Sure there is no rush, take your time. :-)

Hello, thanks for this magnificient tool. Any chance to get a windows version? As a non-mac usuer, I would love to be able to test it. 

Sure. I made other systems releases today and upload them here. 

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wow thank you sooooooo much, I can't wait to get my hands on it right away.

EDIT: I'm having some serious internet issues (on a trip) but when i return in two-three days from now, i'll make sure to complete the download and test it fully. Sorry in advance if i come up with newbies questions at that moment ^^.

Totaly not a problem. I hope it will help you with Your project.

Thank you, I'm sure that it will. I have tried to download it again (using the itch client) and i'm having some issues. I've sent a report to itch devs this morning regarding the issue. The download goes till the end but i'm unable to install.. So this time I'm gonna do a direct download (without the itch client and see how it goes). Will keep you updated. :-)

You may try download it here - https://github.com/Chleba/PIXELARTOR/releases